This ‘Drake Guide to Hanukkah’ Is The Best Thing To Happen To You All Day

Everyone, raise a glass of Manischevitz because Its. About. To Go. Down!

Tuesday (Dec. 16) marks the beginning of the eight-day celebration of Hanukkah, and which famous rapper loves Hanukkah more than thick, big-booty girls that look like Nicki Minaj? Why Drizzy Drake, of course!

If you don’t know why lighting the menorah is a thing, or how serious your dreidel game is, don’t worry, we got you! The “Drake Guide To Hanukkah” created by the good folks over at Songza, brilliantly break down what each day means and how you should properly celebrate using eight well-crafted playlists from some of hip-hop’s best talents.

It’s only right to kick-off the festivities with October’s Very Own, but other artists including I LOVE MAKONNEN, August Alsina and Future are also featured. So listen, bust out your freshest Yamulke and get ready for the turn up!