Ellen’s “Dance Dare” Gone Wrong: Man Thrown to the Ground by NYPD [VIDEO]

 NYPD - alexanderbok

And the police brutality ensues.

Who knew dancing could be so dangerous? Well, YouTube prankster Alexander Bok found out while trying to bring what he calls joy to New York City on Christmas Eve. Alexander decided to partake in Ellen DeGeneres’ “Dance Dare.” Sounds cool, right? Dance behind a stranger and videotape it and you could be on the Ellen Show. Bok decided the NYPD would be his subjects, and the result was one no one saw coming (well, we kind of did but hoped it wouldn’t go that far).

Basically, Bok found himself in hot water in the presence of the officers as they became outraged, literally 0 to 100, real quick. Peep the video below for yourself and weigh in on your thoughts:



Photo Credit: YouTube