Two Ferguson Protesters Met, Fell In Love And Got Engaged

Alexis Templeton, 20 and Brittany Ferrell, 25 met in mid-August while protesting in Ferguson after the death of Mike Brown and fell in love in the midst of speaking out. Now, the two have applied for a marriage license in the state of Missouri, according to the St. Louis American. Students at University of Missouri–St. Louis, Ferguson residents and prominent organizers in the city, the two, along with a third activist, founded the Millennial Activist United organization. After a private proposal, Templeton formally asked for Ferrell’s hand in marriage at St. Louis City Hall. “One hundred and thirty days ago, I fell in love with somebody and her six-year-old mini me,” Templeton told Ferrell. “I didn’t expect you to want to be with me … other than fight on the front lines with me. You have every single piece of my heart.”

After their public proposal, Templeton and Ferrell received their marriage license. They now have 30 days to be officially married by an officiant or judge. “Since she’s made me happy for 130 days, I want to make her happy for the rest of my life,” Templeton said. Photo Credit: Aaron Banks