Must See: The Ferguson Skit ‘Saturday Night Live’ Didn’t Air

Saturday Night Light decided to shed light on Ferguson during last week’s episode, but there was one Ferguson skit that didn’t make the cut, the “Weekend Update.”

It was apparently cut due to time but earlier this wee NBC still released the dress rehearsal version via SNL’s Youtube page.

In the skit, Kenan Thompson and Cecily Strong star as hosts, Kip and Jenny, for St. Louis morning TV show Rise and Smile. The objective of their segment was to be cheerful in order to divert the public’s attention away from reality but to no avail. From their blunders like “blackies” instead of the rock band name “the Black Keys,” the unintentional puns at the Ferguson situation are unavoidable between the two.

They then switch to their guest chef, James Franco, who stars as Darrel Wilson. Franco makes it clear there’s no relation between the two as he declares “People don’t get to choose their names. I, Darrel Wilson, am the victim here!”

Yup SNL went that far. Press play to watch the cut Ferguson skit.


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