Fox Reporter Suspended For ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Comment

Kobe Bryant and the Lakers became the latest NBA players to take a stand for Eric Garner with “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirts last night (Dec. 9). Joining the likes of Derrick Rose, Lebron James and Kevin Garnett, Bryant pointed to his team’s show of support as an exercise in democracy. “I think the beauty of our country lies in its democracy,” he said. “I think if we ever lose the courage to be able to speak up for the things that we believe in, I think we really lose the value that our country stands for.” Following Rose’s public statement, a reporter questioned if the Bulls star “really understands” what donning the “I Can’t Breathe” shirt means. Now, another reporter has offered a comment – for which she has been suspended. Fox Deportes’ Erika Reidt took to Instagram following the Lakers’ display, commenting under a photo of Kobe Bryant: “I’m gonna start wearing a shirt that says ‘I can breathe because I obey the law.’” Reidt’s statement immediately drew backlash. Fox Deportes issued a response via Twitter, announcing an investigation of the reporter’s comment, and her suspension.

Reidt attempted to smooth things over by claiming that her account had been hacked. Attesting to being “raised in the hood,” she claimed she was “on a run” when the comment as posted, and that she doesn’t “believe anyone should die.” SEE ALSO: Reporter Questions If Derrick Rose ‘Really Understands’ His Eric Garner T-Shirt

Meanwhile, Twitter users grabbed screenshots of Reidt initially defending her comment: Fox Deportes has not offered any updates on their investigation as yet.