Destiny’s Child Garage Sale Earns Matthew Knowles Extra Cash


TMZ Destiny Child Sale

Mathew Knowles held a good old fashioned garage sale over the weekend in Houston, Texas, except his merchandise wasn’t the usual old lamps and figurines. Instead, Papa Knowles took to Facebook via the Music World Entertainment Complex page to invite those in Houston to a sale that included souvenirs and other memorabilia from both of his daughters’ (and their friends’) music careers.

TMZ reports that products sold included a Beyonce poster (priced at $200) and a Solange record (priced at $1.98). He also sold items from “House of Dereon” and collectables from his other girl group, Trin-i-Tee 5:7.

It’s not clear—as of right now—whether the garage sale was a desperate attempt to scrap up some much needed cash—he does have two new mouths to feed—or if he was just feeling shady. His entertainment garage sale is the second time this month we’ve heard that Matthew Knowles was trying to make some coins from old projects.

A recent leaked email revealed Knowles had been shopping the idea of a biopic based around Destiny’s Child to several production studios, and it seems as though Sony may be interested.

Photo Credit: TMZ