Jimmy Iovine Named GQ Man Of The Year


Every year GQ complies a list of notable names. A list of men and women who have stood out among the rest in their respective fields to in essence, show ‘em how its done. And while commendable, GQ admitted that the addition of Jimmy Iovine’s name was long overdue.

As one of half of the magic of Beats By Dre, the former Interscope Records founder was partly responsible for one of the biggest business deals in hip-hop. Selling the brand to Apple for a smooth $3 Billion.

Iovine recalls the day when Dre walked into his office inquiring about starting a sneaker line. The 61 year old Brooklyn native scoffed at the idea and urged him to invest in speaker and well, you know the rest.

Peep what GQ had to say about Jimmy and what his next big business move entails.