Rush Limbaugh Thinks Idris Elba as James Bond Shouldn’t Happen Because He’s Black

All the real racists raise your hand – that includes you Rush Limbaugh. After a series of leaked emails from Sony Pictures Entertainment, where co-chairman Amy Pascal suggested Idris Elba should replace Daniel Craig as the new James Bond, one right-wing pundit begs to differ.

During his radio talk show on Tuesday (Dec. 23), Rush Limbaugh doesn’t site lack of talent as an actor as his reason, but believes Idris Elba as James Bond is a no-no simply because Elba is a Black man.

“James Bond is a total concept put together by Ian Fleming. He was white and Scottish. Period. That is who James Bond is,” Limbaugh said. “But now [they are] suggesting that the next James Bond should be Idris Elba, a black Briton, rather than a white from Scotland. But that’s not who James Bond is and I know it’s racist to probably point this out.”

To back up his opinion, he asks listeners to imagine George Clooney and Kate Hudson play President Barack and FLOTUS Michelle Obama. This, ladies and gentlemen, is someone who has the most listened to radio talk show in America and his self-awareness on his racist statement on a fictional character is truly disturbing.

Guess we know what he thinks about Quvenzhané Wallis playing Annie.