Jeezy On Ferguson Verdict: ‘What If It Was A Black Officer And A White Kid?’

Real talk: You can’t ban the Snowman. During a sit-down with Civil TV, Jeezy added an interesting perspective to the Ferguson verdict by posing the question, “What if it was a black officer and a white kid?”

While giving his thoughts on the grand jury’s decision to not indict Darren Wilson for fatally shooting Mike Brown, the rapper said, “I’m quite sure it would be something different about the whole situation.”

Jeezy continued, “My grandmother always used to tell me you can push somebody to the breaking point and then they just erupt or explode. I think that’s what’s happening to us as a people and a culture. They’re pushing our backs against the wall to see how we react. I just feel like it’s one of those situations where we are being tested. They are gonna push until people react.”

Also, the Atlanta rapper teased a possible trap album with T.I.P. “As far as me and Tip we always talked about doing a lot of things,” he explained. “I think with the album, the fact we have so many albums in the cut and it’s like the fact that when we do get together and we kick it we happen to record a lot. I’m still on the road on the tour right now, when I come off I think he’s doing some other things, just sit down and really figure out what makes sense.”

Peep the entire interview in the clip above.