Jhene Aiko’s ‘Wading’ Is The Sexiest, Yet Most Random Video You’ll See All Day


Jhene Aiko tends to do the unexpected when it comes to putting a vision to her music. “Wading,” the woozy, retrospective cut from her Souled Out album, shows us a side of Jhene we haven’t quite seen on this level.

Instead of the flick having somber elements to match the song, we see a scantily-clad and red-lipped Miss Aiko writhing against the wall holding a snake her size. In another scene, she narrowly avoids being slipped a roofie at the bar before witnessing two possible love interests battle it out Jackie Chan-style. And how can we forget the entrance of the swat team?

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Is your reaction after reading all of that, “Wut?” Don’t worry, so was ours. See if for yourself up top.