Jodeci Releases “Nobody Wins” After 18 Year Hiatus

If you happened to catch iconic R&B group, Jodeci last month during the Soul Train Music Awards, you may have peeped a new song debut amongst with their classics from the 90’s. Jodeci releases “Nobody Wins” featuring B.o.B. and touches on a prevalent theme in 2014 – domestic violence.

The full version, along with a lyric video, addresses DV against women and includes the flip-side that we don’t hear too often – abuse towards men. With lyrics like, “Stop throwing those pots and pans / We don’t have to use our hands / Baby can you understand / I’m just being a man / Nobody wins,” the video showcases powerful visuals of a battered woman and clips from ABC’s What Would You Do. 

You can’t talk about domestic violence in 2014 without mentioning Janay and Ray Rice, and “Nobody Wins” features the infamous clip from the February assault and the phone number for the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Check out Jodeci’s new tune after 18 years in their lyric video below and give us your thoughts on the group touching on a heavy topic to end the year.