John Starks Perfectly Describes How Knicks Fans Feel About The Knicks

NBA O.G. John Starks teases the 2015 All-Star Games and stays optimistic about the Knicks

What makes New York a special host for the 2015 All-Star Games? John Starks: The city has transformed since the last time [the games] were here in 1998. Madison Square Garden has transformed as well as the Barclays Center now in Brooklyn. The Nets are now playing there. You’re gonna have two different venues which is gonna give everybody an opportunity to experience a taste of All-Star weekend. You’re in the Knicks front office now but let’s imagine a world where you’re still hooping. Which celeb would you face in a one-on-one challenge? (Laughs) Kevin Hart ‘cause I could pretty much take him. We’ve been experiencing the Knicks playing the way they are playing. What do you think needs to improve in order for them to get that chemistry and fire back? I see a team that’s stinky a lot out there on the court. It’s not natural to ‘em right now and that’s just them trying to do the right thing in the system. But I see some improvement in the court and they’re playing hard. Like I said before, everything comes down to execution especially in the last five minutes of the game and right now, they’re not doing such a great job at both sides of the court but you can see that they’re close. They have to continue to get that confidence and understand how good they can truly be. Once they get to that point, they should be fine. The good thing about it is that they in the East right now so the East ain’t going nowhere no time soon but hopefully, they get some wins up underneath their belt in the next couple of weeks. Members of the NBA community have weighed in but what are your thoughts on the events going on right now surrounding Michael Brown and Eric Garner? It’s a sad situation. Being a father, you don’t wish that on no other parent. Hopefully, something can be done because to lose a life [like Michael Brown or Eric Garner] in today’s time, it’s just not right. Hopefully, authorities can get policies in place where this can stop. That’s the most important thing so we don’t have to be go through this as a country and as a society, and so that everybody’s on the same wavelength. Hopefully, this can bring change and correct something that’s been going on for some years. Which album or artist from this year do you consider a favorite? I would have to say Kendrick Lamar. I like his style. He got a nice flow and I like his messages.