Andre 3000 to Release T-Shirt Line Inspired by Outkast Reunion Tour Jumpsuits

Intrigued by the conversation piece of jumpsuits that Andre 3000 wore during the Outkast 20th anniversary reunion tour? No problem, there’s a line of t-shirts for that.

While most of us were hoping for new music from music’s golden child hailing from the South, Andre 3000, has decided to gift fans with his funky and eclectic style in the form of t-shirts. The t-shirt line stemmed from the amount of buzz his 47 statement jumpsuits stirred up. With 47 quotes ranging from entertaining to mind boggling like “Across cultures, darker people suffer most. Why?” and “Art or fart”, the line will have something for just about anyone so choose a shirt, any shirt.

Vixens, will you be copping one of Andre 3000’s t-shirts?

Photo Credit: Getty Images