Vixen Chat: Justine Skye Talks Holiday Traditions and New Years Resolutions


VIBE Vixen: What are some gifts you like to give (or receive) for the holidays?

Justine Skye: You can not go wrong with cozy socks. [I] love socks. I’m also really into sweaters, especially from stores like TopShop or just a basic plain, unisex sweater. Headphones are also a great gift. People listen to music everyday—at least I do—and a good pair of headphones really make the music better and can set any mood.

Do you have a favorite holiday film?

I don’t really watch too much television and movies, but my friends have me watching The Grinch this year, so I’m starting to memorize all the words to that. We watch it all the time and I’m kind of into it. I realize though it’s kind of inappropriate at times—to be a children’s film—but all children’s cartoons are like that for real.

How about a favorite holiday song?

Actually, Alvin & The Chipmunks Christmas CD is my favorite holiday album. I listened to it all the time as a child and it brings back good memories so that’s actually one of my favorites. Its really good.