Vixen Chat: Justine Skye Talks Holiday Traditions and New Years Resolutions

 Justine Skye

What are some holiday traditions in your family?

My family is in New York (Brooklyn), and every year my family gets together and we make a Jamaican rum cake, so I’m excited for that! But for the most part we always get together, make the cake, and also play a lot of games. We play monopoly and board games together. Although they don’t let me play cards, since I’m kind of bad at playing, they just make me sit back and watch. So I’m excited to spend time with them and also get some eggnog. Love eggnog actually.

Since the New Year arrives a week after Christmas, any resolutions you’d like to share?

Literally the day after Christmas I’m off to L.A to work on some new music, so I guess I’d say my resolution or goal is just to remain focused on my career and continue to follow my dreams. I also want to not get into any drama and stay focused on my music and building my Unicorn Army! But yeah, just be on the look out for some of my new music coming soon, and you can download my single that’s out now called “Collide” featuring Tyga. It’s perfect for this winter/cuffing season. Happy Holidays !