Round 2: K. Michelle and Lil Kim At It Again


One R&B Vixen and one rap legend can’t seem to stop beefing with one another. K. Michelle and Lil Kim are back to throwing shots at one another after the AWBAH songstress—known to voice her opinion without a worry—spoke on the Queen B during her recent trip to Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. K responded to Lil’ Kim’s claims that she did not ask her to be the godmother to her first born, Royal Reign.

In a short, shady response , K. Michelle referred to Kim as “Plastic Penny” and swore “for crackers and cheese” that the rapper did indeed ask her to be her daughter’s Godmommy. “Her face is stretched back too tight, it probably affected her brain. I just feel bad for her face. Don’t talk to me until you get your original face back.”

In classic Lil’ Kim fashion and not one to back down, Kimmy took to Instagram, blasted the reality star and called her a “sick, pyscho bitch.”

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