K. Michelle Confirms Eight Month Relationship With Idris Elba

As if her innuendos leading up to her sophomore album weren’t enough, K. Michelle confirms her album was indeed about Idris Elba (not that we had doubts).

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While promoting her new album Anbody Wanna Buy a Heart (released today) on The Breakfast Club, she finally admitted Idris was the inspiration behind it all. She says they had an eight month love affair but she didn’t initially like him.

“When I met him out at the Soul Train Awards. I thought he was fine, but I never liked him,” she told the morning crew. However after they dated her outlook on men has changed, “I never thought that I wanted a man’s man but after him. I like the suits. I never could see myself going outside of that and God let everything happen for a reason.”

And while she has other issues with her new boyfriend, Bobby Maze’s babymother, Idris’ lady has never stepped to her because “he’s doing the right thing.”

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