K. Michelle Gets Emotional Over Idris Elba Break Up

In case you were not privy to this information, K. Michelle’s Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart album was apparently inspired by a courtship with Idris Elba.

In an interview with Wendy Williams, the singer revealed that she and the heartthrob English actor were involved in an eight-month relationship. Revealing that Elba wasn’t exactly her type, K. Michell also detailed how the two of them met.

“It was like an eight-month situation. I never thought that I would like him either,” he said. “I thought his jeans were too tight and his accent was kinda funny. No offense to the UK, it was just different for me.”

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In another recent interview, K. Michelle discussed Elba’s reaction to her album, stating that the actor emailed her, writing that he was “sad it’s come to this.” She also said that she “loves him and always will,” after which radio host Russ Parr cut to a track off Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart entitled “Miss You, Goodbye.” The song seemed to have moved the singer to tears.

“It’s not a hate thing, we don’t hate each other. It’s the timing. It’s a timing thing you know,” K. Michelle said before Parr cut to commercial, saying that she was “a little upset.”

Listen below: