‘Black-ish’ Creator Kenya Barris Speaks On Director’s Obsession with Bill Cosby

We’re pretty sure the growing allegations of rape from Bill Cosby will work its way into the new year, but one man wants one director to hush up on the Cosby talk.

Kenya Barris, the creator of ABC sitcom Black-ish, hopped to Twitter to express his thoughts on director Judd Apatow’s feelings about Cosby’s scandal. The director/producer for The 40-Year Old Virgin and the Anchorman series replied to a Page Six tweet on Cosby’s private investigation with, “[email protected] they should remake the Cosby show with scenes of Dr. Huxtable doing what Cosby has been doing. A perfect show for FX.”

Barris, who calls Apatow’s constant jabs at the comedian “obsessive,” fired off a series of tweets directed to “one of his idols.” The writer prefaced his thoughts with the disclaimer that he does not support Bill Cosby before tweeting, “Where was ur #EricGarner #FergusonDecision #ICantBreathe #PakistanSchoolAttack #donaldsterling #3rdactoffunnypeople tweets?”

“It’s like ur getn some sick pleasure from watching a black man who meant so much for so many fall,” Barris fired at Apatow. He goes on to say, “I’m sorry 2 use a public forum to say this to 1 of my idols but I think it’s important to take a moment 2 say ‘we get it, Judd.'” Barris later goes on to praise the director, calling him a “genius, national treasure,” and “maverick,” but ended his rant saying that Apatow may “deservedly ruin my fledgling career.”

I don’t think there was anything wrong in what Kenya Barris said. It’s one thing to voice in on a topic and feel passionate about it, but it’s another to get too consumed and fixated on the lives of celebrities. Vixens, weigh in. Is Barris right?

Photo Credit: Getty Images