#MeetMeInTemecula: How A Twitter Beef Over Kobe Bryant Got Hilariously Out Of Hand


Last night (Dec. 28) a Twitter beef over Kobe Bryant led to the release of a three-minute diss track. Yes, apparently it is that serious. But how did this happen, you ask? After a Christmas Day Twitter spat over NBA specifics, things between users @ScottieDrippen and @MyTweetsRealAF spun hilariously out of hand. So much so, that their round of insults and threats led to @MyTweetsRealAF taking a 35-minute drive to Temecula, CA to engage in a fight:

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Only a fight never went down. After telling @MyTweetsRealAF to meet him in Temecula, @ScottieDrippen revealed that he was actually in Arizona:

This, naturally, meant that @MyTweetsRealAF would have to make a diss track, right? Enter “Meet Me In Temecula,” above. The lyrics (which are of course already on RapGenius), find the overzealous fan spewing lines like “These tweets givin’ you fiction/ They’re a constant contradiction.” Which has led to more than a few retweet-worthy memes. But the real question is: what does Kobe Bryant think of all of this? Asked about the Temecula incident last night, the Black Mamba had this to say: