Lady Gaga Has An Opinion On Singers Who Don’t Write Their Own Music

Lady Gaga Has An Opinion On Singers Who Don't Write Their Own Music

How could you not love the effortlessly talented popstar, Lady Gaga. The singer does and says whatever she wants and is highly respected for it.

In a recent interview with Yahoo, Lady Gaga has an opinion on singers who don’t pen their own lyrics. The star even goes as far as questioning why they continue to pursue their careers. Gaga, who has released four albums and a fifth set to release in a few months, reveals she writes 90 percent of her music before ranting about those that don’t.

“If you’re not gonna write your own music you better be able to blow. Because if you can’t blow, there’s no reason to do the job. But then you think about artists that can’t really sing, that have songs written for them, and it’s like, well why are they artists? Why are companies paying money to promote them? Because they’re beautiful and look good on camera and are kinda-sorta singing along? It’s like karaoke for pretty girls. When you’re a singer-songwriter it doesn’t really matter if you’re beautiful. What matters is that you create a relationship with your fans, and they care what you have to say.”

Your thoughts Vixens?