Lil Kim’s Babyfather Lusts After Nicki Minaj And We’re Like…Dude, Seriously?

I am no relationship expert, counselor or therapist but, I would think it wouldn’t be smart for Lil Kim’s baby father Mr. Papers to post a picture of Nicki Minaj onto his Instagram, but lo and behold, that’s what he did. Once Lil Kim’s fans saw the pic they didn’t take too kindly to Papers’ show of support for Onika and promptly let him know, and a few thousand even unfollowed him in the process (It’s real in these social media streets) We can’t speculate as to why Papers posted one of Nic’s pictures from her new 2015 calendar. I mean, we know why, Nicki is gorgeous! But at the very least screenshot the image and save it in a folder on your phone titled “This Folder Is Not Filled With Naked Pictures Of Nicki Minaj” or something not obviously as disrespectful as actually posting it to the ‘Gram. But hey, you live and you learn.

Well Damn! @nickiminaj

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