Actually, Lil’ Wayne’s New Face Tattoo Doesn’t Mean ‘Momma’s Boy’


Lil’ Wayne debuted two new face tattoos this week. On his chin, the Young Money CEO got the Eye of Providence, and along his brow, he got some Arabic lettering. Etched into Weezy’s mug by California tattoo artist Spider, the words on Wayne’s brow were intended to mean “momma’s boy,” only they don’t. According to El Arabiya News, the translation of Lil’ Wayne’s Arabic tattoo doesn’t exactly check out. When analyzed by fluent speakers, the tattoo’s meaning is either inexplicable, or not the phrase the rapper was going for. Several people took to Twitter to comment:

Meanwhile, according to a reader comment from our friends over at Stereogum, Lil’ Wayne’s tattoo isn’t that far off. One user wrote that the words inked on his face are “kid” and “my mother,” which kind of makes sense, right?

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