Listen To Astro Feat. Bishop Nehru ‘K.I.N.G. (Keeping Ignorant N****s Glorified)

Astro and Bishop Nehru chin checks the igeneration on the gripping track dubbed “K.I.N.G. (Keeping Ignorant Niggas Glorified),” featuring Bishop Nehru. Over laid-back drums and kicks, Nehru and Astro drop insightful raps about an industry that keeps rappers moving like robots by encouraging rhymes about money, hoes, clothes and new gadgets. Astro’s fluid flow meshes perfectly with the Mass Appeal signee. Together, the babyface rappers make higher learning music for your ears and brain.

“K.I.N.G.” comes from Astro’s Computer Era EP, you can stream below and purchase on iTunes. Also peep “K.I.N.G” above.