Listen To C-Murder Feat. Boosie Badazz And Snoop ‘Dogg ‘Hard 2 Be Black’


In the mid to late ’90s, C-Murder represented the hardened B-side to what Master P presented to mainstream America with No Limit Records. Incarcerated for the better part of a decade now, C-Murder still carries the pains and struggle of living inside the belly of the beast while some of his contemporaries, namely Boosie Badazz are trying to enjoy life outside of it.

“Hard 2 Be Black” isn’t much of a political record, despite the Paul Mooney opening and mentions of Trayvon Martin and others but sticks to the theme of minorities fighting the uphill fight — and how they’ve done so for almost 500 years now. The quality of the audio of C’s verse and Boosie’s sound like they were recorded from behind cell walls. Even Snoop, uneven in spaces here understands good and well the problems everyone face.

Hear “Hard 2 Be Black” here.