Mama Joyce Won’t Be Attending Todd Tucker’s Mother’s Funeral


It was no secret that Kandi Burruss’ mother Mama Joyce was not a fan of Burruss’ new husband Todd Tucker or his mother Miss Sharon. If you watched the two mothers interact on Real Housewives of Atlanta or Kandi’s Wedding special it was always tension between the two.

However, death settles all differences.  This past Monday (Dec 1) Tucker’s mother passed after complications from a stroke. Since Sharon’s death, TMZ reached out to Mama Joyce to find out if she’s apologetic following her passing. According to the gossip site “she is sorry for attacking Sharon by repeating gossip (which turned out to be false) — and wishes they’d patched things up before Miss Sharon died on Tuesday.”

They continued that despite being sorry, she “won’t attend the funeral out of respect for Miss Sharon’s friends and family. She knows a lot of people would be pissed if she showed her face … so instead she’s going to send flowers.”

But if Miss Sharon’s death taught Kandi’s mother anything anything it is that she wants to build a better relationship with her daughter’s husband, Todd.

Vixens, do you think Mama Joyce should attend the funeral despite their bad relationship? Or should she forego it and send flowers?

Photo Credit: Bravo