SMH: Man Licks His New Air Jordan XI’s On The News

On the news, though?

One very overzealous buyer of a shiny new pair of Air Jordan “Legend Blues” XI’s showed just how happy he was to be amongst those to cop. Paul Moses, a freshman football player at Miami University, licked “the icy gum bottoms” of the shoe while explaining their importance. He was tapped by 13abc News to comment on the police reaction to the throngs of sneakerheads who came out to get a pair of the kicks at the Franklin Park mall in Toledo, OH.

“Last time, the police wasn’t well-prepared for how many people was gonna come out for these wonderful shoes right here,” he said.

Moses was also backed by a group of friends who aided in his proclamation of the special-edition shoes’ distinctiveness. He also gave Michael Jordan his kudos for “knowing what he’s doing.” Watch him discuss – and taste – his Jordan XI’s above.

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