Is it Time For Mariah Carey to Hang The Microphone Up? [Video]

mariah carey

[Sigh] Oh Mariah Carey.

Yesterday (Dec 3) Mariah performed, “All I Want For Christmas,” live at the 82nd Annual Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting Ceremony. Wrong move.

After already pissing off fans when she showed up two hours late for dress rehearsal the night before, she further damaged the faith they had in her when she performed. A video that is making its rounds around the web today features Carey’s vocals isolated from the back track and it’s cringe-worthy to say the least.

Less than a minute in, she struggles with hitting notes she’s known for and the rest of the four-minute performance (if you can get through it) is pure torture. We love Mariah and we will always respect the legacy she’s worked very hard to create. But maybe it’s time for Mariah Carey to throw away the microphone.

Press play to watch the video and sound off on your thoughts of Mariah’s voice.

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