Mariah Carey’s Former Assistant Suing For Unpaid Overtime Hours

With the New Year just days away, Mariah Carey is probably singing, “all I want for Christmas is Peace.” In 2014 she and husband Nick Cannon split, a photographer filed a lawsuit against Mariah’s record label, singer Natalia claimed Mariah cut her from performing as part of the Australian tour, and troubling rumors spread after Mariah’s Rockefeller’s tree lighting performance.

Now, according to PageSix, Mariah Carey’s former assistant, Ylser Oliver, 49 is suing the sultry songstress for unpaid overtime of more than 4,000 hours. Oliver who filed a lawsuit in Manhattan federal court claims the diva forced her to work seven days a week and 16 hour days, without any meal breaks, doing a host of personal and private chores from cleaning house to packing luggage.

“My client put her family’s life on hold while tending to Mariah Carey’s family, and Mariah repaid her by underpaying her,” Oliver’s attorney Matthew Blit stated, as reported by Page Six. “My client is a very hardworking woman who treated Mariah and her family like her own, working all hours of the day and night,” Blit said. “Even celebrities are required to abide by the law.”

Attorney Matthew Blit would not state approximately how much his client was suing for but unpaid overtime totals more than 4,000 hours. Mariah’s spokeswoman, Cindi Berger, is reportedly unaware of the said lawsuit.

Stay tuned for updates on this case.

Photo Credit: Getty Images