Vixen of the Day: Marjoriet Matute

Name: Marjoriet Matute
City/State: Fairview, NJ
Occupation: Writer, Philantropist, Mom
Style: Natural Giver
Beauty Fave I Can’t Live Without: Loreal Lineur Intense.
Inspired By: Oprah, Beyoncé, Karen Civil

A Vixen is…a woman who is determined, fearless and victorious! Her attempts are never counted as failures, but instead as lessons. She paves a clear path for those who follow and works feverishly to help uplift those inspired by her attempts. This divine woman is a leader, she embraces her differences and displays genuine beauty in her actions. A Vibe Vixen is loyal to her universal sister, all those who understand her unspoken passion. She sustains her reputation by consistently kicking ass in her field, creating opportunities, motivating, and applauding her peers. She is defined as fierce and fabulous and is never mistaken for anything less than perfect!

Photo Credit: Daniel Vasquez