Marsha Ambrosius Brings Out Natalie Stewart For Floetry Performance


How this reunion went under the radar, we don’t know. Marsha Ambrosius reunited with her Floetry collaborator Natalie Stewart during her “Friends and Lovers” tour in London Tuesday night (Dec. 16) and of course, the crowd could hardly contain themselves. The two have been rumored to have shared some bad blood after parting ways in 2007, but squashed those rumors while on stage together. The duo performed their hits “Say Yes” and “Floetic” and the crowd of course fell madly in love with their musical chemistry. While backstage, Marsha snapped this adorable pic and later posted to her Instagram page. We might be asking for too much, but could a Floetry reunion be in the works? If so, we’re here for it. Peep them on stage: