Mathew Knowles Flipping Beyonce Memorabilia For Extra Money?


Mathew Knowles just subtracted more points from his “daddy dearest” scoreboard.

Beyonce and Solange’s father is reportedly attempting to rake in extra cash by selling off Destiny’s Child memorabilia. At a garage sale taking place outside of his Houston office, Knowles has posters, CDs and House of Dereon clothing on sale. TMZ connects the sale of the goods to his recent child support suits.

With a large poster of Beyonce priced at $200, Knowles is also allegedly selling a Solange CD for $1.96. Among the memorabilia is also office furniture up for grabs. He also allegedly “shunned an attempt to haggle the oversized Beyonce poster down to $145.”

No word of if the garage sale is an actual attempt to make ends meet.