The Mothers Of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Tamir Rice To Sit Down With CNN’s Anderson Cooper


The mothers of Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner and Trayvon Martin are due to have an intimate interview on CNN’s news program Anderson Cooper 360°.

This will be the first time the women will sit down together to discuss the injustices their family has endured at the hands of wreckless gun violence and lethal police enforcement. The airing is also set for Dec. 12 at 8 p.m. on CNN and a preview of what will be discussed has been revealed, detailing a discussion on the justice system and race relations in America:

Anderson Cooper: Gwen do you have confidence in the federal investigation that’s going on now?

Gwen Carr: Yes I have much more confidence in the federal investigation that I did in the local prosecution.

Anderson Cooper: You believe your son’s civil rights were violated?

Gwen Carr: Yes they were. Yes they definitely were. Because if Eric Garner was a white man in Suffolk county doing the same thing that he was doing. Even if he would have been caught selling cigarettes that day, they would have given him a summons and he wouldn’t have lost his life that day. I believe that 100 percent.

Benjamin Crump: Anderson the rules are different, when it’s a black kid laying dying on the ground, the rules are different. And we have to address and be honest with ourselves.

Anderson Cooper: It’s interesting because you talk to again these polls and you see white people don’t view it that way by and large, they don’t see.

(Everyone jumps in, talking at once)

Gwen Carr: There’s no need to.

Sybrina Fulton: It’s not happening to them, so they don’t quite get it. They don’t quite understand. They think that it’s a small group of African Americans that’s complaining. Oh what are they complaining about now?

Anderson Cooper: you hear that from people?

Sabrina: Oh yeah. The people say that all the time. What are they complaining about now, what are they protesting about now,

Anderson Cooper: What do you say to that person?

Sybrina Fulton: To that person until it happens to them and in their family then they’ll understand the walk. They don’t understand what we’re going through. They don’t understand the life and they don’t understand what we’re fighting against. I don’t even think the govt. quite gets it.

Anderson Cooper: Until they walk in your shoes on a daily basis?

Sybrina Fulton: I think this is shedding light to what’s going on. This is not something new. It’s been happening.
But it’s just been bringing light to what’s happening. It’s bringing it to the forefront which is why there’s so much conversations, that’s why it’s so many rallies and protests. Because people are now realizing. If you look at those footage in New York it’s not just African Americans (Gwen: It’s everybody) so it’s not just about African American rights…it’s about human rights

The mothers’ television appearance comes weeks after the recent nationwide protests against injustice within the law system when it involves African American victims and calling for change and reform within various police departments.

Photo Credit: CNN