Nas Says America’s Racial Divide Resembles That Of Apartheid In South Africa


Nas recently had a lot of pivotal things to say on the racial divide in America, particularly following the grand jury decisions that rocked the nation of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

In an interview with TIME, the “I Can” rapper said the views of race stateside resemble that of the apartheid in South Africa. “It’s not cool to look like apartheid South Africa 1988. How are we going to be the free world or the most powerful country when inside this country we’re fighting because of skin color? That’s just embarrassing,” he said. “I’m one of the guys that’s out there saying, ‘Listen, it has to stop.”

Mr. Jones also made a statement leaning toward a post racial society revealing, “America, we are really smart enough to figure it out, but I guess it’s safer to hang out and be ignorant, be hateful, and think that one person is better than the other.”

The Queensbridge native recently marched with Russell Simmons in NYC to show support for the families of Garner and Brown.

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Photo Credit: Instagram/nas