Netflix Is Helping Parents Trick Their Kids Into Sleeping Early On New Year’s Eve

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Like every season of Friends in less than 24 hours, Netflix is also bringing you a faux New Year’s Eve countdown to help trick your kiddies into sleeping early. Thanks to King Julien, the fun-loving lemur from Madagascar, parents can throw their confetti a little before midnight, tuck their kids in and then (presumably) get their booze on. [People] According to Liam Neeson, Americans won’t be taking a Eurotrip anytime soon because of Taken. [CinemaBlend] Spending New Year’s Eve at the crib? Here’s all the TV specials you can flip to when the ball drops. [THR] The lady who voiced Chuckie Finster from Rugrats, Babe, and Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory has passed away and taken a piece of all our childhoods with her. [L.A. Times] Australian actress Abbie Cornish is jumpstarting her rap career by touring with Nas. [