26 Memorable Nicki Minaj Quotes From Last Night’s #CRWN With Elliott Wilson


Nicki Minaj spit real truth without dropping a single bar at last night’s #CRWN (Dec. 16). Unless you count the sporadic a cappella call-and-answer sessions with her overzealous Barbz and Kenz.

During a live interview conducted by OG journalist Elliott Wilson, the Queens-by-way-of-Trinidad rep hid her “raggedy” (her word) flawlessness under a furry, lion-colored hoodie vest. Strutting out to the sounds of “Want Some More,” the crowd lost their shit.

It was hard to contain her Stans from offering responses on her behalf, even pushing Momma Barb to playfully tell ‘em, “Why y’all gotta be so extra?” And once Nicki uttered a lyric from her mix tapes, “Monster,” or [insert Pinkprint hit here], these fans proved they will outrap you.

Still, the lady born Onika Maraj didn’t hold back, especially when it came to discussing her less-than-perfect relationship with her mother and recent breakup with longtime bae of 10 years, Safaree. There was also zero hesitation when it came to crowning herself “the best female rapper right now.”

Here are the stickiest quotes from Nicki Minaj during last night’s #CRWN. Take what you will but you gon’ learn today.

Note: Quotes were edited and condensed for readability.

On being a boss:
“I don’t think being a boss is ever a comfortable feeling. Only the people who do the hardest job do that job.”

On her rap talents:
The Pinkprint was about showin’ the culture it should be about skill.

On Pinkprint process:
Pinkprint took a year. I been workin’ on it since I put out on “Lookin’ Ass Nigga.” I love ether.”

On the viral success of “Anaconda”:
“”Anaconda” just happened. I wasn’t tryin’ to do a hit on Billboard.”

On Safaree’s reaction to “Bed Of Lies”:
“He was like, ‘I just realized this was a diss record to me’ and we were both on [the phone] crackin’ up.”

On her mom’s reaction to “Bed Of Lies”:
“[My family] won’t mention it which is really, really weird. only thing my mother said was bes of lies that must be hard for a certain person to hear she made me feel bad