Funniest Blog of 2014: North West’s Tumblr ‘Nori’s Black Book’

Funniest Blog of 2014: North West's Tumblr 'Nori's Black Book'

If there’s any child we wanted to be this year, North West is definitely our top contender. Kimye’s only child is serving sass and shade on her Tumblr page, Nori’s Black Book. Yes, you heard that correctly, there’s a page full of photos of her and her famous family with hilarious captions written from the point of view of the youngest West in charge.

You’re sure to laugh scrolling through the blog, with some of the captions including, “Tyga needed to do some last minute Christmas shopping for his son so he brought Auntie Kylie along to help pick out something because she’s fashionable and she’s close to his son’s age” and “Auntie Kourt is having P use this doll to practice holding the new baby for the very likely event that Scott is not around to help.”

Shady boots, honey! Flip the page to check out some of the highlights of her page and check it out in full here.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Nori’s Black Book