A Black Man Was Assaulted By NYPD… For Dancing

Really, NYPD?

“Black man assaulted by police” is sadly, a recurring headline these days. But this particular incident takes the cake with absurdity. Alexander Bok, a performer/prankster, recently shared a video of himself attempting to participate in Ellen Degeneres’ “dance dare.” In the Ellen Show segment, viewers dance behind strangers without their knowledge. When Bok attempted to dance next to a NYPD police car, he was verbally and physically assaulted.

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In the one and a half minute clip, Bok is seen dancing beside a stationed cop van as an officer is posted in front of it. When the officers become aware of him, they begin to curse at him, calling him a “fucking asshole,” and searching him. Bok explained that the video was for the show, and when the NYPD officers realized they could not arrest him for a crime, they shoved him to the ground.

It is a sad day when a black man can’t even dance in the streets of New York City. Watch and shake your head in the video above.