Vixen Chat: Whats A Waist Creator and CEO Premadonna Dishes on the Idea that Made Her Millions

premadonna6VIBE Vixen: It’s no secret that people are calling you a magician. Where did your idea for ‘Whats a Waist’ stem from?  

Premadonna: The God honest truth is I was at a point in my life where I needed to lose weight. I had recently had two kids and wasn’t feeling my best self. I took a liking to the garment after wearing one for awhile, and decided I wanted to make my own. Whats A Waist was perfect because I could be the spokesperson of my own product, and share my own personal journey and testimony with others.

Tell me about your background and how you grew your waist shaping product into a very lucrative business venture.

For one, I hate working for people so this was the perfect opportunity to become my own boss. I was wearing a waist shaper and everywhere I would go people would always compliment me on how small my waist was. Of course, the compliment would be followed up by an inquiry about how I did it. From there I really took an interest in the product for more than just vanity reasons. I became a distributor of the garment and tweaked it to my liking. I started selling the product and it started out slow, but it spread like wildfire once it hit social media.