Vixen Chat: Whats A Waist Creator and CEO Premadonna Dishes on the Idea that Made Her Millions


VV: What exactly is “waist training”? A lot of people hear the term, but don’t fully comprehend its meaning. Can you explain?

PM: Waist training is all about consistency. When you wear my product you just put the waist shaper on and wear it for a minimum of four hours per day. Some people see results in as little as 48 hours and for others it takes longer, sometimes three to four weeks. However, as long as you’re wearing it for four hours a day the shaper is going to do exactly what it’s name promises, making you look shapely and overall toning your stomach and waist to give you that flawless hourglass shape. I like to call it magic in a shaper.

Can people wear it more than 4 hours or is there a strict time limit?

We tell all of our customers it’s a minimum and requirement of four hours per day. Now if you want to wear it all day, that’s up to you. But in order for you to achieve results all you have to do is wear it four hours a day. It doesn’t affect you any more or any less, but of course if you wear it longer you’ll achieve your results faster. I personally recommend four hours a day.

During those four hours a day are you limited to what you can do?

Exercising, chilling, engaging in sexual activities, you can do it all in this thing. It’s just like an extra layer of skin. It doesn’t stop you from doing your daily activities. Most people forget they’re even wearing it after awhile.