Vixen Chat: Whats A Waist Creator and CEO Premadonna Dishes on the Idea that Made Her Millions


VV: Your website boasts that the waist shaper does “extreme modifications”. Is this healthy? It seems very similar to corsets and girdles women wore back in the day that we now know had negative effects on women’s health. Is there any truth to that regarding your product?

PM: It’s definitely more healthier compared to the corsets women wore back in the day. Those corsets were worn very tightly. My products are not tight, and consist of two levels that ensure absolute comfort. It is healthier than anything else out there you’ll try today. I wear it constantly and I’m healthy as hell. Contrary to belief, it actually improves circulation around the waist area and gives extra posture support.

And now the million-dollar question… Where does the fat really go?

The waist shaper is what I like to call lipo in a garment. It eliminates. The fat does not go to your thighs or to your butt. It just eliminates it period especially since the shaper helps you perspire and burn the fat faster. Now where it goes, I don’t know. I just know it’s gone [laughs].