Vixen Chat: Whats A Waist Creator and CEO Premadonna Dishes on the Idea that Made Her Millions


VV: You’ve created an alternative that many women are flocking to during a time where butt implants, fat transfer, and many others under the knife procedure have become the new trend. What are your thoughts on plastic surgery?

PM: My personal opinion is that it’s not worth it. You spend however many thousands of dollars to get whatever done and its really a waste. I’ve seen so many women do it. Why waste your money when you’ve got affordable alternatives like my $129 waist trainer? I haven’t had surgery and I wouldn’t tell anyone else to get it. I’ve worn a waist shaper that has trained my waist and look at me, I have two children. I think it’s important for people to know that yeah you can get surgery, but nine times out of ten the surgery doesn’t fix your mental state of mind. Many women have surgery but still find flaws in other things about themselves, and it creates a vicious and deadly cycle of low self esteem and depression. On the other hand my waist trainer train not only trains your waist but also it trains your mind. It gives women this mind state of feeling beautiful.

Are there any other markets you’re looking to delve into with Whats A Waist?

We’re actually kicking our brand full throttle onto more of a fitness level. We’re in the process of expanding our inventory with more products too. My goal is to shape bodies completely, so from the top to the bottom we’ll have a product for everything you can imagine. Whats A Waist wont just be known for the “waist shaper”.