We Take It Back: The Best Tipsy Tunes To Celebrate Repeal Day

Eighty one years ago today, the United States played take-backs on a decision that would’ve severely altered the subject range of today’s music had it stood the test of time.

In 1919, Congress passed the Eighteenth Amendment—which established the prohibition of alcohol beverages in the United States—and by 1933 they took it right back. December 5 marks Repeal Day, where we commemorate our country’s freedom to partake in libations.

This year it falls on a Friday, so of course we had to celebrate. In order for the party to commence, we’ve handcrafted the perfect playlist to catalogue every stage of a wild night with a solo cup. From the function pregame to being loose on the Goose to the foolish (sometimes regretful) effects of tossing back one too many, we’ve got you covered.

With that said, press play, raise your glasses and cheers to the freakin’ weekend!

Photo Credit: Getty Images