Gentlemens Corner: Pusha T Talks Fashion and His Clothing Line ‘Play Cloths’


Our LA fashion correspondent, Mia Campbell, got a chance to catch up with one of GQ’s favorite rappers, Pusha T, during an in-store appearance he had in Los Angeles. Pusha dished on a lot about his views on the growing fashion hype, what style he likes on women and what he wants us to know about his line Play Cloths and collection Curse Your Luxury of which released today (Dec. 8).

Check out Mia’s interview with the fashionable Pusha T below:

Vibe Vixen: Let’s start out with your days as a member of Clipse, at that time you displayed a great sense of fashion so I know your evolution and emergence as a fashion icon (in my eyes, and Kanye’s too per his rant at your listening session a while ago) with what you’re doing now in fashion is nothing new. You were very influential in A Bathing Ape and Billionaire Boys Club’s popularity so you were really in the mix with fashion brands, labels and all. What can you tell us about the hype on fashion back then compared to today?

Pusha T: The thing that I realize about fashion now, fashion and music, now versus back then is that you had to have fresh records and be fresh. Today I feel like it’s about people just looking fresh and their records aren’t fresh. I don’t think it has changed because even when I think back to my influences and icons musically, they were my icons musically because, for example, I would look at Rakim and be like man he said the freshest things and then I look at him and he would have on the pair of Nikes that I wanted and I’m like, “ma’ please!” It was everything. Now, I sort of feel like if you are fresh then your music doesn’t have to be that good because people are so keyed into the fashion. That’s just the times I guess.

Photo Credit: Tasha Bleu