Gentlemens Corner: Pusha T Talks Fashion and His Clothing Line ‘Play Cloths’


Vibe Vixen: For example, athletes are finding it necessary to be more fashionable and style conscious nowadays so do you think fashion has a bigger role in the mainstream way of life?

Pusha T: Yea and some athletes are super fashionable and not good. It’s like c’mon man focus on your craft, be who you’re supposed to be and then go put on the clothes. … Fashion right now, people are so…everything is driven by the aesthetic. Even with social media and where we are…everything is about the look. So of course fashion is definitely playing a part. I watch people all day long on Instagram, I take part in it too. It’s like if you get the piece first, you have to immediately be like “BAH!” stunting …

VV: Do you think that the hip hop culture has anything to do with fashions new role in mainstream?

PT: I feel like Hip Hop culture has always been about [fashion]…it started in the street so it has always been a thing of the streets to be first. Coming up, you [got new] sneakers and you had to run outside to make sure everyone saw. It was on display. That’s just part of Hip Hop culture, part of the competitive spirit of Hip Hop. This is not new, I don’t believe it’s new. Fashion is just really standing up in the forefront and it’s being even mentioned at the same level as the music. I sort of feel like that’s where it gets a little sketchy.