Gentlemens Corner: Pusha T Talks Fashion and His Clothing Line ‘Play Cloths’


Vibe Vixen: Speaking of, I appreciate that you collaborated with Saucony. I am a fan of the metallic collection that you came out with two years ago. It’s timeless and classic! Although it was released seasons ago, you can still wear today as a trendsetter. Having this talent, to create timeless and classic pieces, can you talk about your inspiration for Play Cloths and what we can expect from your Curse Your Luxury Collection?

Pusha T: About the Sauconys, there are a lot of sneakers that are not as marketed as heavily as like Nike but those silhouettes are still fresh. I’ll always go to a Saucony. I knew that putting the metallic on the Saucony was going to be like “Ahhh!” really fresh and I felt like the silohette was on the same levels, to me, as the Air Max and etc. People rock those and be in this influenced mindset that they have to wear those but naw you have to switch it up. I try to make Play Cloths really representative of me and my designers they look at my evolution as an artist and in fashion and they [zero] in to different details. I come into the office some days and they’re like, ‘What are those?” [I say,] “[These] are Philip Lim…[I’ll] have on Philip Lim sweats and they go and put their spin on it. …At the end of the day I want to wear everything. My style is a mix and match of everything. Like I said, It’s Play Cloths, it’s Saint Laurent, and I know I sort of won when everything can be understated, it can be three different brands, and you can’t really see what it is and then you just ask, “Well damn that looks good, what is that?”