Gentlemens Corner: Pusha T Talks Fashion and His Clothing Line ‘Play Cloths’


Vibe Vixen: As someone we can trust fashion and style wise, what style are you crushing on right now that women are wearing? What style or pieces is your favorite on women?

Pusha T: Man, listen, women’s style is so hard for me. I just know what I think looks good. It’s funny because I was in Paris, when Kanye was doing his line and I stopped like, “Woah why are you doing womenswear and why do you think you can do it?” He was like, “Why? You don’t know what you like to see women in?” I was like, “Yea but still women are so intricate.” Personally I really like to see when a woman can put together a super fresh everyday look that is not over done or anything. It just makes me feel like she’s really something and she knows she doesn’t have to have on the super tight skirt. She just puts it together really well and just looks … super effortless.