More Footage Of Ray And Janay Rice Released, Couple Kisses After Punch

More ABC News Videos | ABC World News Just under one month after Ray Rice has been reinstated into the NFL, new footage of the night that landed him suspended from the league has surfaced. Obtained by ABC News, 45 minutes of security recordings – following Rice’s punching of his wife Janay in an Atlantic City elevator – show the aftermath of the incident. In the latest clip, Janay is seen getting first aid after Rice’s punch. Visibly upset, the two are separated from each other before being handcuffed and taken into the elevator where the ordeal began. After what appears to be Rice hitting his head against the wall as Janay cries, the two share a kiss while being handcuffed. The couple is then led out of the building into police cars. SEE ALSO: Janay Rice On The ‘Today’ Show: ‘God Chose Me And Ray To Bring Awareness’ Following her husband’s reinstatement, Janay recounted the events from that night. “I went to reach for his phone, and when he grabbed it back, he spit at me and I slapped him. We got into the elevator and what happened inside is still foggy to me,” she stated. “The only thing I know — and I can’t even say I “remember” because I only know from what Ray has told me — is that I slapped him again and then he hit me. I remember nothing else from inside the elevator. The next thing I do recall is being in the casino lobby, surrounded by cops.” Watch the latest footage from Ray and Janay Rice’s altercation the the video above.