Vixen Chat: Rosa Acosta Talks Classical Ballet Background, Transition Into Fitness, and Staying Fit this Holiday Season


There’s more to video vixen and model, Rosa Acosta, than what meets the eye.

Actually, her social media bio’s are the most accurate, tell-all description of the Dominican beauty than we could ever possibly curate. Ballet dancer, personal trainer, elbow lover, nippologist, scar kisser, shower opera singer, midget hunter and future chef is definitely a mouthful but Acosta juggles them all with ease, as she should with an intimidating title like “Hottest Eye Candy of All Time”.

Whether you were introduced to Rosa as a video chick flaunting her tantalizing curves on the hoods of old school Chevelle’s or gracing the covers of men’s magazines there’s no doubt that men crave her and women envy her. While today Rosa has thrown her video vixen jersey in the rafters for a fresh start in fitness, she forever carries the title of vixen and now wants to inspire and help others get in shape and look sexy. “This time is perfect for me because I’m making moves that I want to make,” Acosta dished on her seamless transition.

Vixens, continue reading as we sit with Rosa Acosta for a super sexy edition of Vixen Chat.


Photo Credit(s):, Getty Images, Instagram