Vixen Chat: Rosa Acosta Talks Classical Ballet Background, Transition Into Fitness, and Staying Fit this Holiday Season


VIBE Vixen: A lot of people have this misconception about who Rosa Acosta is. Explain your background and your claim to fame that sets you apart from most video vixens and models:

Rosa Acosta: I’m not just a pretty face and a banging body. Most people actually don’t know that I am a classically trained ballet dancer. From Swan Lake to the Nutcracker and Carmen, you name it I’ve done it. I love ballet and started dancing when I was four. After graduating from the Instituto de Cultura y Arte I then joined the only classical ballet company in the Dominican Republic, the Ballet Nacional Dominicano, where I was the youngest soloist at the time. While I was there I was a dance teacher but I was also still dancing, going to college and doing a lot of musicals and theatre– I was very dedicated and involved.

With a fairly successful start to your dance career in the Dominican Republic what made you move to the United States?

It was just a time for change. I was battling from some health issues once I got to America so I put dancing on hold for a while. Once I moved I was just working and going to school because they wouldn’t transfer the credits from my college back home.